Energy Modeling Services

Energy Modeling is using simulation tools to predict energy use and associated savings of a building. It plays a crucial role comparing energy consumption with a typical standard baseline building. Energy models are developed by considering life cycle costs of different energy consuming and generating systems. It also assesses the payback of green energy options, such as solar panels, high-efficiency equipment, and photovoltaic systems. Many projects utilize energy modeling services to meet with the requirements of green building certification systems.

Energy Modeling for LEED Certification

LEED Certification system sets a certain energy performance benchmark. Energy and Atmosphere Credit is considered as the most important since it has maximum credit points. LEED rating system requires compliance with the mandatory requirements of the Energy Standard ASHRAE 90.1 as the minimum program requirement. Energy modeling is essential to estimate the energy use characteristics of a building. It considers all the key aspects contributing to building energy performance. This information lets applying necessary upgrades to improve the energy efficiency. LEED energy modeling services, provided by an experienced modeling company, can assist your project achieving certification.

Important Energy Modeling Considerations

Energy modeling utilize various data to evaluate overall building energy performance. The major considerations are:

  • The local climate zone
  • Building massing and orientation
  • HVAC equipment set points
  • Building envelope properties
  • Internal gains from equipment and human
  • Solar absorbance characteristics of building surfaces
  • Schedule information of the building systems

Energy Modeling Services for Investment Opportunities

Energy modeling can also be used for deciding the return on investment (ROI). It comes from the energy savings that are prone to be gathered from extra first cost expenses. This can be connected to both selecting equipment for new and retro-commissioning projects. There are numerous advantages having some kind of expected cap on future energy use. At the point when payback periods for project energy savings fulfill or beat the general ROI standards for business proprietors, it is imaginable to warrant deep energy saving retrofits on the premise of future savings. Numerous institutional and large-scale business portfolio holders have made revolving investment funds and a long-haul staggered energy improvement strategies.

These strategies recover energy savings from early “quick win” energy improvements finance later establishment of more considerable energy conservation measures.Our Energy Modeling Services will incorporate all utilized building systems including renewable energy systems, HVAC system type, domestic hot-water system, economizers, terminal units, fan and pump inputs and specialty systems.

Our Energy Modeling Services

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We utilize various energy simulation tools like eQuest, Trane Trace 700, EnergyPlus. Each tool has certain benefits to quantify a building’s energy characteristics. Our energy modeling services assist you identifying the best energy efficiency strategies. We start with setting up a baseline of energy usage. Then utilize the building model to compare proposed energy-efficiency alternative. Our energy models deliver important cost-benefit information to help you with investment planning. You can contact with us by filling out Request a free quote form to see how we could help your project.