LEED Consulting Services

LEED is a globally recognized green building rating program. It is highly interactive and adaptive system to be applied on different project types. The program ensures a third party verification. LEED certified buildings are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Building owners find value having LEED Consulting Services while pursuing certification. Because it is important to have the maximum value for the investment. Experienced professionals can guide certification process to prevent over or under investment.

How projects benefit from LEED Consulting Services?

Optimum involvement of the experienced LEED AP (Accredited Professionals) streamlines the certification process. It also provides guidance to the project team members. The projects having at least one LEED AP are awarded Innovation point. LEED Consultants compile all required documentation, and generally manage the compliance process and submit them for certification. LEED Consultants also research and suggest sustainable building materials, environmental technologies etc. to be used for the project. Having a green building proven by a trusted authority is a serious commitment. If your design team doesn’t have expertise on LEED projects, then you can’t achieve a LEED compliant design. Achievement of LEED designation requires a project committed to sustainability along the design, development, operation, and maintenance phases.  It is an essential component having high-quality LEED consulting services to achieve certification.

We are accredited professionals in all the following LEED rating systems:

  • LEED for Building Design and Construction
  • LEED for Interior Design and Construction
  • LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance
  • LEED for Neighborhood Development

LEED Consulting Services

We assist building owners, design teams, contractors with strategic decision-making advice. Our clients have the opportunity to benefit from our custom tailored LEED Consulting Services. It allows them make quicker decisions during the LEED Certification process. We will break down all LEED credits in detail to create a definitive roadmap to follow. As it is required for many green building programs, Energy modeling is also in our core services. We are committed developing real-time energy models to show you energy saving opportunities. If your new building project is planning certification then we are here to help you. We also help existing buildings to utilize the green operational practices. Our LEED consulting services provide you the best life-cycle cost impact. It includes Green Building Charrettes and Project Strategy Sessions, LEED Commissioning and Energy Modeling. Our work is structured to fit the specific needs of your project.